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    Company Profile

    Established in 2003, Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing, researching and sales of laser toner cartridges. Headquartered at Zhuhai city, China, Mito has dedicated itself in the remanufacturing of color toner cartridges over the last 20 years. 

    It’s one of the largest professional color remanufacturing companies in the world to provide the best products with consistent quality and top performance. In 2013, Mito group became the first Chinese public company of producing compatible laser toner cartridges in the printing consumable industry after acquired by Hubei Dinglong Company Limited. Mito became a significant part of Dinglong Group’s integrated supply chain and fully takes advantage of these upstream resources.

    Zhuhai Un-Tern Imaging Products Company is the core base of Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd., which is specialized in researching and manufacturing of laser toner cartridges. Believing in the business philosophy of Integrity, Teamwork, Ambition and Innovation, Zhuhai Un-Tern Imaging Products Company has won the unanimous praise of global customer and is known as the manufacturing expert of color toner cartridges.

    Mito sales more than 2,000 alternative models of color laser toner cartridges, drums and copier toner cartridges for the global customers, which compatible with various well-known OEM printers. Nowadays, Mito’s products are popular in more than 80 countries and areas. The global offices ensure instant responses to all the customers at all times.

    Mito will continue its effort in offering the customers the best choices available with the best value. It will continue its commitment in remanufacturing the best toner cartridges with uniform quality and stable performance.

    About Dinglong Group Structure

    About Dinglong Group’s integrated supply chain
    Our company group has access to the following key components in house as we actually manufacture them.
    ?Chemical Toner
    ?Developer Rollers
    ?Primary Charge Rollers
    ?Cartridge Chips
    ?Drum Dongle gear ( patented design)
    ?plastic shell

    Why is this important ?

    We have full control over quality, unlike all other after market suppliers we now have the ability to design and manufacture the main components to recycle our product., most others rely on other parties to supply them with most of the above.

    Company Culture
    Our Mission

    1) To remain one of the largest and the most highly respected aftermarket remanufacturing company.
    2) To be the best partner for our customers by providing value –added services and support which exceed our customers' expectations.
    3) To assist every day our clients in growth and development with our innovations and values.
    4) To serve our customers, our partners and our employees.

    Our Core Values

    1) Client Centric
    We care for our clients and take pride in always thinking in terms of what is best for them.
    We do everything possible to serve our customers, our partners and our employees.

    2) Professional Excellence
    We offer services based on our extensive and profound knowledge and experiences.

    3) Collaboration
    We work as a team with our clients to take full advantage of each other’s knowledge and experiences.





    Social Welfare

    As a public company, Mito take its social responsibility strongly. We do donate to charity, we donate one RMB of each cartridge we sell in China. The labor Union of Mito regularly organize workers to see and care for the elderly at nursing homes.

    For a better planet for us and our descendants, Mito focus on recycling for more than 20 years. To offer a healthy and comfortable working condition, Mito invest more than 3million RMB to install the most advanced dust collecting system. This protects the internal working conditions by improving the factory air quality. This system also protects the environment by collecting and capturing the dust particles.

    Join Us

    With more than 19 years’ development history, Mito becomes a leading remanufacturing company for toner cartridges, which means a very attractive development platform to both young college graduates and experienced professionals.



    Sales Office Address:

    No.15 Jinfeng West Road, Jinding Industrial Zone,Tangjiawan Town, Zhuhai,China
    Tel:  (86) 756-6291870 
    E-mail:  sales@mito.com.cn

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