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    Unrivaled Programs and Services

    Mito strive to provide our associates and customers for unrivaled and value-added services and continuously review and improve the effectiveness of our service.

    We commits to fully understand our customers’ needs and ensuring an outstanding customer experience, equipped with the right products, range, security, availability, pricing and service to maximize win for both businesses.

    Mito has an unrivaled sales and service team composed of experienced sales managers, professional marketing and sales staffs, dedicated logistic officers as well as our distribution representatives stationed in your countries.

    Our strong and experienced marketing team is equipped to provide tailor-made services to satisfy the requirements of different customer groups including distributors, independent resellers, franchise operators and remanufacturers in the whole global market.  

    Customized Packaging Services

    As an expert of private label packaging, Mito own studio, graphic design services to meet your private label instructions and guidelines.

    Worldwide Distribution
    >Mito's products have been sold all over the world,and we are recognized as one of the industry lesder for all our produccts,especially for our color toner cratridges.

    Through our worldwide distribution channels and advanced barcode information management system, Mito can get product to you quickly to meet and even exceed our customers' expectations no matter where you or your customers are located.

    Worldwide distribution channels
    Mito has branch offices or warehouse in the United States, the United Kingdom and Netherlands, ensuring that no matter where you or your customers are located, we can get product to you quickly and with the properly branded packaging and labeling in place.

    Information management system
    We apply an advanced barcode information management system (ERP) to effectively manage the importation and exportation of goods to and from the warehouse. Mito makes close connection with freight forwarder to prepare booking, shipping and customs affair as expected from customers without delay, which allow us own excellent ability and flexibility to make quick adjustments while facing various shipping and distributing situations.
    Recycling Process

    Remanufacture Technology Industry for Color Laser Toner cartridgein domestic is still at the initial stage .Onlyvirgin empty with good conditioncan be products after being refilled; Most Non virgin empty or virgin empty with the poor conditionwill be scrapped, which doesn’t accord with the Green Consumption and the 3R conception(reuse ,refill and recycle), leading to the great damage for our environment。

    Mito Color Imaging Company Co., Ltd. Does the repairmen with the applied patented technology by R&D, which makes the massproduction come true from the trail model.

    Online Message
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